How we will Operate

In the event of the implementation of Learning at Home, Kindergarten to Year 3 students will access their learning via the Seesaw platform. Room 6 will continue to use Seesaw. Students in Rooms 14, 11 and 12 will continue to operate through Connect. If you require additional iPads for your family to access the Learning at Home program, please see the section above on, ‘Loaned iPads’.

Weekly Overview

A weekly overview will be provided for students. This will be sent out on a Friday in preparation for the following week.

The weekly overview will contain 3 highlighted tasks from English, Maths and Integrated studies. These have been chosen by the classroom teacher as the most important learning activities to complete within the week. Teachers will provide specific, individual feedback about these three learning tasks.

Choice Boards for English, Maths and Integrated Studies will be provided by teachers so that students can select activities (after their 3 highlighted learning tasks) to complete if they wish.

We understand Learning from Home is complex, and we encourage parents to prioritise the 3 highlighted tasks over others. The completion of other tasks is encouraged but will depend on individual families.

Daily Routine

A consistent daily routine will be used across the school from Kindergarten to Year 6. The suggested sequence may include:

  • Morning Message/Greeting
  • Morning engagement activity
  • English activity
  • Break
  • Maths activity
  • Break
  • Integrated studies activity


The Kindergarten program will be flexibly tailored to the needs of the family and the Kindergarten Curriculum.

Handy Tips

Our ‘Handy Tips’ tab could assist with the setting up of your at home learning environment. We have covered several important areas.

  1. Learning environment at home
  2. Safely learning at home
  3. Seesaw ‘How to Use’ guide
  4. Literacy
  5. Maths
  6. Board games

How to communicate with your child’s teacher

All parent communication with the classroom teacher needs to be through email or connect only.

Teachers aim to reply to communication within school hours. The Seesaw platform is used specifically for student and teacher interactions.

Support Programs

Our support staff play an incredibly important role in the connection our students experience. We will be working towards setting up ways for our learning support teacher, education assistants, school psychologist and chaplain to engage with students in the event of a long term closure. If you have any immediate concerns, please email so that we can work with and support your family.