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Jolimont PS 2021 Kindy

Jolimont PS 2021 PP

Jolimont PS 2021 Year 1

Jolimont PS 2021 Year 2

Jolimont PS 2021 Year 3

Jolimont PS 2021 Year 4

Jolimont PS 2021 Year 5

Jolimont PS 2021 Year 6

In accordance with the School Education Act 1999, parents are advised in Term 4 of the current year, of students’ personal items and workbook requirements for the following year.

Our preferred supplier is Ziggies Educational Supplies.

Student Workbooks

The student workbooks should be purchased as part of your order and will be delivered along with your other items.

If you choose to purchase the personal items from another supplier, eg. Big W, we suggest you still order the workbooks through Ziggies, to ensure your child arrives at school, on the first day, with the books required for their year level.

Other Items

For your convenience,  on-line subscriptions, school voluntary contributions and P&C voluntary contributions, can be paid for with items you purchase through Ziggies.

Ordering Online

Please order on-line, via instructions on the booklist, to guarantee delivery before ths start of the school year and for free home delivery (or business delivery).