ICT & iPads

Throughout the year, iPads and computers are utilised by teachers to enrich your child’s learning experience and to teach across the learning areas. With the support of the P&C, there is a well-stocked bank of iPads for the Kindergarten to Year 2 program. These are also used to support students in Year 4-6 who do not have an iPad as part of the schools ‘Bring Your Own Device Program’ (BYOD).

Teachers are skilled in using a range of applications and programs, which have been chosen to develop students’ creative ability, higher order thinking skills and encourage the enquiry approach.

With the introduction of the National Technologies curriculum, students are now developing knowledge about how digital systems work and a deeper understanding of data to enable them to successfully navigate an increasingly digitised and automated world.

In 2020, the school introduced Seesaw in all classrooms, Kindergarten to Year 6, as a digital portfolio for student learning and to maintain a strong home-school connection. Seesaw is used to showcase student learning to families, encourage student reflection and ownership and provide a window into the classroom via an online tool. The platform is also a valuable way to begin teaching students how to interact with others in a safe, monitored and closed online environment.

What iPad is Suitable

For students to engage fully in the 1:1 iPad (BYOD) classroom in Years 4-6, they require an iPad and keyboard that:

  • will run the latest version of iOS (iPad OS) operating system
  • install updates on required apps (older iPads often cannot run required apps or updates. Ideally iPads must be 2 years old or newer)
  • mini is NOT suitable – screen too small
  • has Wi-Fi capabilities, airdrop and can update to IOS versions
  • minimum of 128GB storage capacity is recommended

Recommended iPads:

  • 7th Generation or newer
  • a keyboard or a case with a keyboard is strongly advised
  • iPad cover is recommended to keep the iPad safe and well-protected

Accounts and Management

School Wi-Fi and Internet Connection

Student iPads will be connected to the school Wi-Fi when at school. Our internet connection at Jolimont Primary School is filtered through the Department of Education. Parents may wish to set up an appropriate rating based on their family values and restrict content whilst using, as the iPads will also be used at home.

In order to fully participate in the iPad program, there are a number of Apps required. Please ensure the full complement of apps from the list provided for your child’s year are installed ready to be used. Students will only be using approved apps at school.

Insurance and Support

Your iPad is not covered by Jolimont Primary School or the Department of Education’s insurance policy. Please check with your home and/or contents insurer if your existing cover extends to an iPad being brought to school by your child.

Staff, students and their families can access free technical support for Apple devices, such as Macs, iPads and applications directly from AppleCare Support. AppleCare Support is available at no cost to you and is provided through the Department’s AppleCare Enterprise agreement.

Access to AppleCare Support is not based on the ownership of the device or application, so staff, students and their families can access it.

AppleCare Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides technical support for:

  • Apple software and operating systems.
  • Apple applications, such as Keynote.
  • Personal Apple accounts or settings.

The Department’s AppleCare Enterprise agreement does not provide any extra hardware coverage.

To contact AppleCare Support:

  1. Phone 1300 760 237.
  2. When prompted enter access code 2961.
  3. Follow the prompts to select your Apple device.

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety practices are a high priority at Jolimont Primary School and appropriate duty of care is extended to all our digital environments. Students and parents also have a responsibility in this area to minimize risk or exposure to unsuitable material. Any misuse of digital technology or online tools will be handled in line with relevant Department of Education policies and the Jolimont Primary School’s ‘Positive Student Behaviour Support’ policy.

Online Services Acceptable Use Agreement

All students and parents/guardians must sign an ‘Online Services Acceptable Use’ agreement to allow their child to access digital technologies, media tools and digital learning environments established or accessed by Jolimont Primary School. This completed document needs to be returned to the school office upon enrolment.

Online Services Acceptable Use Agreement K-2

Online Services Acceptable Use Agreement 3-6

Student Agreement For Using an Electronic Device