P&C Association


At Jolimont Primary School, we are lucky to have an active and engaged P&C Association. Our diverse and friendly body of representatives includes parents/carers, teachers and community members who volunteer their time and skills to promote and support the interests of our vibrant school. All are welcome to join and there are many ways to become involved.

Each year the P&C organises a number of school events. While some events support our goal of raising funds, others have the sole purpose of bringing together our magnificent school community. The P&C has held many successful events throughout the years including discos and quiz nights, community breakfasts, picnics, carol nights as well as many, many sausage sizzles and cake stalls! Our inaugural Twilight Fete was a huge success, as was our recent Colour Run! All money raised by the P&C benefits the school through new resources and improved facilities.

In 2019 through The Fathering Project, Jolimont Primary School Dads Group was established. The Dads Group organises regular activities that provide a safe and inclusive environment where fathers can engage with their kids, learn, share and connect with each other. To get involved go to https://thefatheringproject.org/dads/join-a-group/ and search for “Jolimont” or contact Alex Drago on alexanderdrago@hotmail.com


P&C meetings are held twice a term in the school library. Attending P&C meetings is an excellent way of becoming familiar with the school, with our Principal providing an update at each meeting. Meetings are relaxed and informative and are a great place to meet other parents and carers. Meetings also provide an opportunity for members to discuss and share any ideas they may have, although simply coming along to listen is most welcome.

The 2023 meeting dates are provided below.
Term 1.   Tuesday 7 February and Wednesday 15 March (Annual General Meeting)
Term 2.  Tuesday 2 May and Wednesday 7 June
Term 3.  Tuesday 25 July and Wednesday 30 August
Term 4.  Tuesday 17 October and Wednesday 22 November


The P&C provides information through the school newsletter which is sent via Connect. P&C updates are also intermittently sent for any P&C specific information. If you are not receiving these, please let us know by emailing: jolimontpspandc@gmail.com.


In addition to specific fundraising events, the school is involved in a number of ongoing passive fundraisers throughout the year. These include our unique Joli Tote bags, Entertainment Books, Scholastic Book Club, and the Rewards Club at SupaIGA Wembley.

Our top-quality heavy cotton Joli Tote bags feature the street names and suburbs of our student population. The bags are available for purchase at the front office or online at https://www.trybooking.com/VOXX. Prices are $15 for one bag and $25 for two.

The Entertainment Book offer hundreds of deals and discounts at restaurants and businesses across Perth. A digital subscription can be purchased here, and 20% will be donated to the school: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/859p48

Each term students are given a Scholastic Book Club catalogue. These have hundreds of fantastic books and other items available for sale. Orders can be made online or via the paper catalogues. 20% of all sales are donated back to the school and used to supply the library and classrooms with new books. Each year a Book Fair is held in the Library to coincide with Book Week. Here you can come in and browse through the large selection of books and make purchases.

Shopping at Wembley SupaIGA? Their Rewards Club will donate a percentage of every sale back to the school – all you need to do is ask for a Rewards Card next time you’re in store, then set up your account online and simply nominate Jolimont Primary School as your beneficiary. See more information at https://wembleysupaiga.com.au/rewards/

If you have any fundraising ideas you’d like the school to be involved in, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How Can You Help

There are many ways you can become more involved in the school community:

  • attend committee meetings or become a committee member
  • volunteer to organise or help with an event
  • become a class rep
  • keep an eye out in our newsletter for one-off jobs and tasks when we need help.

Class Reps

A class rep is a parent or carer who volunteers to take on a co-ordinator role for their class. This position is primarily a social one, and the parent rep often organises events such as afterschool plays for the kids, parent dinners and other events where families get together. Their role can also involve helping teachers with class activities, welcoming new families, and co-ordinating helpers for school and P&C events

P&C Events Calendar for 2023

At the end of each year, the P&C holds a planning meeting for the following year. This is where we plan the major events and fundraisers for the following 12 months.

Event DateOrganising Class
Welcome Picnic17 FebruaryP&C
P&C Ride to School24 MarchYear 3 – Room 16
P&C Kids Event – Quiz Night19 MayYear 4
Parents Night9 JunePre-primary
Scholastic Book Fair23-25 AugustYear 1
Grandparents Day23 AugustYear 5
World Teachers Day27 OctoberYear 3 – Rooms 6 & 7
Colour Run3 November Year 2
End of Year Event – Movie Night TBC24 NovemberKindy
Please note: Year 6 classes will be involved in organising their own events for their graduation year.

Our Subscriptions

Dr. Kristy’s Switched On Parents’ Portal

Parents of Jolimont students can register for Dr. Kristy’s Switched on Parents’ Portal. Dr. Kristy, a speaker, author, and media commentator, is on a mission to help children and adults “tame toxic tech habits.” To access the Switched On Parents’ Portal, visit drkristygoodwin.com/jolimont/ and enter your name and email address. Your password and directions to access the portal will then be emailed to you. Content is added to the portal throughout the year and registered users will receive emails when new content is available.

Committee Members

President: Lisa Stasev
Vice President: Michelle Hackett
Treasurer: Daniel Carneiro
Secretary: Amanda Martin

P&C Bank Account Details for Direct Deposits
Acc Name: Jolimont P&C
BSB: 036051
Acc No: 598465

Pre-Approved Expenditure

For pre-approved expenditure on behalf of the P&C, please fill out this excel form, and email it, along with a copy of receipt, to jolimontpspandc@gmail.com.

Contact Us

If you’d like any more information about the P&C or have any ideas you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us on jolimontpspandc@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy your time at Jolimont.