Jolimont School Chaplain

School chaplains contribute towards creating positive, supportive cultures within public school communities across Western Australia. Here at Jolimont Primary School, our chaplain is provided by YouthCARE, an organisation whose core values are respect, compassion and service. The chaplain cares for the social, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of students, families and staff. This support aims to help students to achieve their potential, both academically and in their personal lives.

The chaplain is available to listen compassionately and confidentially, refer to extra help where necessary, and to run activities about school values, enhancing social skills or wellbeing. The chaplain’s support is open to all students and families within our multicultural school community, irrespective of faith or beliefs. Use of the chaplain’s services is voluntary and parent permission is required for students to receive on-going support from our chaplain.

At Jolimont Primary School, our chaplain, Katie Almeida, is involved in:

• providing pastoral care to students, families and staff.

• running a Tuesday lunchtime activity – Reading and Games Club in the library.

• being available at recess and lunchtime in the playground to connect with students for teachable moments and pastoral care.

• mentoring and support of the Year 6 student leaders, particularly those involved with peer support and social justice issues.

• building rapport with students by assisting in classrooms, and running classroom sessions focussing on school values, social skills or wellbeing, when requested.

• running small groups for students, as needed, to address issues such as grief and loss, friendship or anger management.

• providing resources about wellbeing and resilience to staff and parents.

• linking with other community organisations for resources and support.

Our chaplain, Katie, is at school on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you would like to contact her, please either talk to your child’s teacher, leave a message for her through the school office on 9205 5200, or send her an email: