At Jolimont, wellbeing is paramount to children achieving their potential. In line with our current 2021-2024 Business Plan and school vision and values, we have established a wellbeing committee responsible for developing and leading the implementation of a whole-school approach to the promotion of health and wellbeing. Quality social and emotional learning programs and practices within the school reflect latest research and carefully consider the needs of students’ social, emotional and academic learning.

The creation of our school’s wellbeing plan has been informed by the Casel’s SEL Framework, the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework and Guiding Principles of Health Promoting School.  Students, staff, families and the broader community play an important and collaborative role in its effective implementation.

Our students in early childhood start their wellbeing journey using the Zones of Regulation, teaching them to recognise and manage emotions. The recognition of such emotions leads to students establishing and building strong, positive relationships where they flourish and grow together.

Furthermore, student wellbeing is embedded, through mindfulness, recognising and practicing the Habits of Mind and a Growth Mindset, as well as through the WA Health curriculum.

In 2021, Mindful Education is being introduced across all classes providing students with emotional and cognitive tools to help them manage emotions, reduce stress, sharpen concentration, and increase empathy and optimism.

Our school has also invested in strengthening student support services by the appointment of a school chaplain, school psychologist and our learning support team. All works closely with students, staff and the school community.